Why attend?

Partnerships Hub Ireland is a forum for sharing best practice in partnerships within infrastructure. The varied sessions will highlight innovation in procuring, financing and delivering infrastructure.

It is an opportunity to showcase what is new and different in the market and tackle some of the current challenges.

Session guide:

Plenary: A session for all delegates to attend which comprises a keynote address and panel discussion.

Boardroom debate: Invitation only roundtable discussions (for approximately 20 participants) that focus on issues that are more suited to an informal and off-the-record session over lunch.

Workshop: A classroom style session focused on a sharing of ideas and experiences.

Topics that will be covered include:

- Developing new partnership models
- An Ireland infrastructure review
- Putting social benefits/outcomes at the centre of projects
- Managing risk for a balanced project
- The rise of the mega project
- Next generation transport partnerships
- Ensuring inclusivity and diversity
- Getting the most from assets
- City-led partnerships